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Church Building Project
Proposed Church Building

Funds Raised So Far

**Please Pray!**

We are still needing another $400,000
In order to complete the construction of our church.

Please Pledge your donation as soon as possible per the instructions below 


If you wish to pledge a donation to the church building fund please contact Pastor Wayne Kablanow


Tel,: 509-368-4032

Please Leave the following information: Name, Address, Contact Number & Amount of Pledge.


(We currently have a matching fund pledge of upto $100,000 so,
if we can match this amount we will be able to start the building process)


Maranatha has arrived onsite as of 04-11-2016 and in the space of 1 week has got the foundations of the church completed The remainder of the external work will be completed over the next few weeks using volunteers from our church.

We Also anticipate installation of both the plumbing and electrical installation sometime early next week.
(Week commencing 04-25-2016)

Church Floor Plan

Click the link below to download a powerpoint presentation of the work so far:

Please Watch this space for new photographs of the church building site
to see our progress from the time we purchased the site (2012) until present time (2016)

If you find any incorrect information on this site or have any suggestions
please contact The Webmaster  by clicking the following link:-