Reopening North View Church

After reading the reopening guidelines below, please register for the service that you hope to attend on June 6. Please register by midnight on Thursday, June 4. 



North View Seventh-day Adventist Church at 12405 N Wilson St, Mead, Washington 99021

North View Seventh-day Adventist Church is partially reopening on June 6, 2020 according to provisions made by the Washington state governor for churches  and the guidelines of the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. COVID-19 has presented a medical threat that has closed North View church to public assembly since March 21. North View church has been careful to cooperate with civic guidelines throughout this crisis. The following protocols are being implemented for the safety of our attendees as we begin the first phase of reopening church on June 6, 2020:

Indoor gatherings limited to 50 persons: Gatherings in the church are not to exceed 50 persons. To facilitate the size of our congregation North View church is providing two services: 8:30am service and 10:45am service. Register which service you would like to attend by midnight on June 4 at When registrations for any service reaches a maximum number registration will be closed for that service.  

Face Coverings: In compliance with the governor’s guidelines, we ask that all attendees bring face coverings to wear at church. 

Symptomatic persons must stay home: Livestreaming over the internet will continue to be provided at so that anybody who chooses to worship with us remotely can still participate. People with a fever (100.4°F or above) or other flu like symptoms are required to stay home and avoid public exposure. The elderly and people with compromised health conditions may especially wish to guard their health by staying home until the risk is lower. Anybody that would rather wait until the public health risk is lower is welcome to stay at home until they feel comfortable returning to church. 

Fresh Air: In order to minimize viral spread in case of an infected person in attendance, sanctuary windows will be open during services. Good ventilation and air circulation will be a priority.

Sanitation Protocol: Doorknobs and faucets will be disinfected between services. Other high-touch surfaces such as piano keys, microphones, audio board, and pulpit will be disinfected at least weekly.

Minimizing Contact: To reduce contact between people the church will:

  1. Allow members to pick up their own bulletin at the entrance.
  2. Remove hymnals from the pews and put words on screen for singing.
  3. Replace passing the offering plate with a box where tithes and offerings can be placed. Online giving is still available.
  4. Limit church restroom use to two persons at a time.  
  5. Discontinue fellowship meals until further notice.
  6. Greet one another without handshakes, hugs, or other physical contact. Please be sensitive and respectful of other people’s personal boundaries in this context.

Social Distancing: For the time being, the six-foot social distancing practices posted at stores and markets is needed at church as well. As you sit in the sanctuary on Sabbath, we encourage families to sit close together and to allow for appropriate distance between other families. Every other pew will be left empty to facilitate social distancing between worshippers. Sabbath School students and church participants will need to spread throughout the sanctuary in rows that are available. 

Incident reporting: If the church learns of anybody in our gatherings who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, members will be notified immediately, and church events will be cancelled for an appropriate amount of time. 

Sabbath School:  Sabbath School students in the main class will need to spread throughout the sanctuary in rows that are available, not congregating in the back half. Class will be taught from the front of the sanctuary. Streaming for Sabbath School will be available at Children’s, youth, and young adult Sabbath schools will resume as well with some options online for those not present.

Safe Start Washington: As North View Seventh-day Adventist church participates in the Safe Start Washington plan we pray for the safety and wellness of all those affected not only in our state, but in our country and around the world. 


Please return to the top of the page to register your family for attendance on June 6. When registrations for any service reaches a maximum number registration will be closed for that service. Please register by midnight on Thursday, June 4.